The Barley Pop Bastard

Debut Novel

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'An instant urban classic'

The Barley Pop Bastard is the latest work by American-Australian Author Tim Mcdonald.

Set in the trash-strewn streets of San Francisco, this gritty urban story traces our anti-hero, Mick Matteo, a 30-something hedonist with a long trail of broken bottles and shattered dreams. 

With a cache of characters comprising a metal-head with a scrotal split, a Mexican speed freak and a Peruvian Panty Whore, this offbeat love story is at once haunting and hilarious.

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Tim McDonald is a novelist and fiction writer born and raised in California.  His early childhood was spent in the Cow Hollow district of San Francisco before moving across the bridge to Marin County where he spent the remainder of his youth and teen years.

While studying Creative Writing at San Diego State University, he took a short story class taught by author Jerry Bumpus, which opened his mind to the wonders of creating character-driven tales.

Post-college, his return to the Bay Area landed him in a cheap downtown apartment at the gates of Chinatown, San Francisco where he'd sit on the fire escape with a notebook and a pint of Kessler whisky forging stories of the dirty and downtrodden that lay at his feet.

Having lived in America, Europe and now Australia, Tim continues to manifest slipshod characters that elude general society but when put under his microscope are exposed in the most entertaining scenarios. .

His first novel, The Barley Pop Bastard was completed in 2016, and he is currently working on his second entitled, Nut Case.




Melbourne, Australia